001 EzWand Package (Control 1 Blind)- Motorize your Horizontal and Vertical blinds simply by replacing the Wand- Control up to 8 blinds (EZ Wand, Easy Wand) – wand replacement

001 EzWand Base Package (Easy Wand);
Motorize and Automate your existing Horizontal and Vertical blinds simply by replacing the Wand. This package will allow you to motorize and control one of your HORIZONTAL or VERTICAL Blind,this can expand up to 8.
First of its kind to work with Vertical, Horizontal and Mini blinds right out of the box and it take only few minutes to install. Any blinds with wand tilt mechanism opener and closer can use EzWand as a wand replacement to motorize their window blinds (turn to automatic, smart and remotely controlled blinds)

Can control up to 8 window blinds (one at the time, group or all at once)(additional EzWands can be added to this package),

It Uses RF 433MHZ reliable and proven technology so it can be controlled from any angle even from next room,

Can be used Remotely or Manually like the original wand incase if you can't find your remote or run out of battery, also length can be extended by attaching the old wand to the bottom for hard to rich areas,

Battery Type, It uses 4 AAA every day inexpensive battery,
Designed to works with Vertical and Horizontal Window Blinds (Mini Blinds, 1", 2", 3" and even 4 inch blinds),
Relocation, Can be relocated easily to another window or to your new home or office,
Distance Can be controlled up to 45 feet away,

Great for Rented/Owned Apartment or House, Office buildings, Schools, Hotels, Dormitories, RVs, Government buildings, Hard to reach areas & much more.
Why just add a motor, when you can own the whole system with less than price of a motor and be able to take it with you wherever you go

This EzWand blind kit package includes;
One EzRemote, One EzWand, One set of 3 adapters and one set of 2 wand tips for different blind types.

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