100% Natural Sheepskin Baby Care Rug, Soft Dense Shorn Wool, Premium Quality, Specially Tanned and Sanitized by Auskin, size LRG 34″-36″

Discover what Australians have known all along! Babies and children love lambskin because of the cuddly softness and comfort. Parents love lambskin because of the soothing and calming affect it has on their little ones. The natural fibers of the lamb's wool are hollow and breathable, and help maintain body temperature so it's warming in winter and cooling in summer. The rug is a favorite for playing on, sleeping on, use as a changing pad, mattress pad, etc. Our lambskin rugs are specially tanned and treated to provide a natural, safe and hygienic product for little ones for many years of enjoyment.

Tanned by Auskin which is headquartered in Queensland, Australia. Auskin is the #1 name in the world for quality sheepskin. Auskin oversees the entire process from premium lambskin selection in New Zealand and Australia, to the quality tanning and finishing in Asia. Auskin began when two college friends from Northern China established the company in the 1990's after strong relationships were formed with the New Zealand sheepskin industry, and they continue to own and run the company to this day. After 25 years experience in the industry, Leroy Parker, Auskin Technical Director of the China facility emphasizes, "Tanning the highest quality sheepskin is as much an art as it is a science." The result is extremely high-quality, luxurious sheepskin products. The Auskin Xuanhua facility upholds the reputation of the Auskin brands with superior finishing and first-class craftsmanship.

Desert Breeze Distributing works closely with Auskin to ensure a high quality final product for our customers. Sheepskin is a natural product, so can vary in length by as much as 7 inches! Because you know what you need and want, each rug has been carefully inspected and measured. Only products that pass our strict quality standards and inspection carry the name Desert Breeze Distributing – a name you can trust!

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