20″ X 30″ Rectangle Frameless Bevel Wall Mirror

Rectangle Frameless Mirrors are one of the most popular and most widely used. This beautiful wall mirror is available in four size options. The small rectangle mirror 18" by 40", also available in 20" by 30", 24" by 36" and the large rectangular mirror is 30" by 40". It is ¼ inch thick with 1" rounded corners and made of high quality clear tempered glass featuring a 1" beveled edge, which adds a smooth slight angle on the top edge of the mirror and is soft to the touch. This classical unframed decorative mirror comes with a vinyl safety backing, 2 standard hooks & 2 adhesive bumpers bonded to the back and includes all of the hardware needed to properly hang the mirror on the wall. This elegant bevel edge wall mirror will complement any décor and this is the perfect shape and size to add to a hallway, walk-in-closet, door or simply add to any room to open and brighten up the space. Mirrors can quickly transform a room by reflecting light and increasing the appearance of the space. This is a perfect way to give the impression of a larger and more open space that is widely used by interior designers. Not only beautiful, wall mirrors are functional and appealing. While trends come and go, decorating and designing with mirrors continues to remain unchanged.

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