8’x10′ Durahold Plus(TM) Felt and Rubber Rug Pad for Hard Floors

NOTE: DON'T STRUGGLE CUTTING THIS TO FIT YOUR RUG WITH A CARPET KNIFE – Get FREE Custom Cutting! TO ORDER A CUSTOM SIZE: Place item in cart and proceed to checkout. Under the item name in your cart, click the "Add gift options" link. Enter your exact rug size in the box that says "Enter your free gift note for this item here". We will then cut your rug pad slightly smaller. #1 NON-SLIP RUG PAD: Durahold Plus is the original non slip rug pad and the best RATED for all hardwood and hard floors! MADE IN THE USA OF FELT AND 100% NATURAL RUBBER: Unlike others, Durahold is made in the USA with a U.S. patented needle-punched felt construction that prevents decomposition and shredding, minimizing mildew and odors even if damp. Thermal-set ridges on the upper surface, in an exclusive pattern of chevrons, running in multiple directions, enables the pad to grip the rug more effectively and prevents lateral motion in ANY direction. Durahold's backing is made of superior natural rubber formulation in a new, exclusive hexagonal "tire tread" pattern, puts more real rubber in actual contact with any bare floor, no matter how slippery, and provides the highest degree of non-slip traction – PURE RUBBER, NO CHEMICALS OR ADHESIVES! For the best in rug and floor protection, use Durahold plus rug pad. SAFE FOR ALL FLOORS: Durahold will NOT stick to or harm hardwood, wood, tile, marble, stone, vinly, linoleum, concrete or radiant heat floors.

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