Add A Motor AD80 D80 Drapery Motor for Existing Drapery

The Add-A-Motor Automatic Drapery Opener ADO provides an economical way to control your draperies and vertical blinds. This system features time schedule and remote control operation traverse and it even rotates vertical blinds. Stop positions are independently adjustable from all the way open to all the way closed and anywhere in between. Installation takes about 15 minutes The motor attaches to the loop end of your window covering cord or chain without modification. The motor has a loop-end system for cord or ballchain no need to cut or replace drapery cords. It can traverse drapery or vertical blinds up to 12 feet wide center opening and 10 feet wide one-way opening. Expand the system functionality by using the motor with an ordinary lamp timer switch or various wireless remote controllers. Features. Affordable and easy to install.. In event of a power failure clutch permits drapery to be opened and closed manually.. Ideal for home theater curtains living room drapery dining rooms bedrooms dens over patio doors convention booth curtains hotels much more.. AC-DC adapter with 9-ft. cord is included.

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