BeadedString Natural Wood Beaded Curtain-52 Strands-77″ High-Boho Door Beads-Bohemian Doorway Curtain-35.5″ Wx77″ H-Victory

This beautiful beaded door curtain is made of 52 strands, about 1/2" apart. The curtain measures 35.5" in width and 77" in length. Each strand consists of small wood beads which are strung into a thread all by hand. Because of the high number of strands and smaller beads, the finished result looks very full and natural, the strings stay flexible and they will move softly when you walk through them.

Add a twist to an ordinary space with this beautiful Wood Beaded Curtain. A wooden beaded curtain is an easy and affordable way to add color, character and style to your space.

You can hang your door beads over a door panel to disguise the clutter or you can use them as window curtain, closet curtain, partition or wall decoration.

You can use a beaded curtain as door beads, you don't have to remove an existing door, just hang the door beads over an existing door. They will look fabulous.

You can also use a wood beaded curtain to cover or beautify a doorway or a gateway or even as your closet curtain.

A beaded curtain can also be used as an wall art. They are gorgeous and truly a piece of art.

Last but not least, a beaded curtain can be used as a window treatment to add a twist to a boring window!
Installation is super easy. wood/bamboo bead curtains are very easy to install and can be simply relocated from one place to another. Each curtain comes with two hooks attached to the wood rod. See last image.

NOTE: Beaded curtains regardless of their type or the number of the strands cannot provide 100% privacy, especially if the light is coming from both sides of the curtain. To provide some privacy light should be off on that side of the curtain.

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