Ceramic Honeycomb Catalytic Combustor (CC-257) for VERMONT CASTINGS wood stoves (Models Defiant, Encore, Large Winter Warm Insert)

This combustor's metal "can" has the correct wrapping flange (see photos), like on your original catalytic combustor, to hold the ceramic securely in your Vermont Castings stove. This catalytic combustor is a ceramic honeycomb coated with platinum and palladium, elements engineered to maximize the catalytic reaction. Strategically placed in the smoke path inside a wood stove, the catalytic combustor literally causes smoke to burn as fuel, creating more heat from less wood. That means a wood stove can be burned slowly, transforming most energy stored in a log to the room as heat, instead of to the outside air as pollution. Condar recommends our Digital Catalytic Monitor to ensure the proper operating temperatures for your combustor. The Condar Digital Catalytic Monitor is available from Amazon. A note about gaskets: Don't install gasket around the combustor, even if your previous catalyst was wrapped in gasket. Simply install this combustor in stove's catalyst receptacle.

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