Luxr Blinds Pleated Fabric Shades with Easy Pull Chord Operation: Quick Fix Installation Light Filtering Blinds- White, 3 Pack, 36″x72″

LUXR BLINDS FEATURES:Our customizable cordless pleated fabric window shade is perfect for temporary or permanent use in your home, apartment, studio, RV/mobile home, or wherever you need. Made with the best polyester blend material, renowned for its great performance and convenience as opposed to other fabric blends. Other window shades might offer some of what you want, but this one has it all:

-Reduces UV light infiltration by up to 85% and preserve your home and furnishings from fading and premature aging.
-Avoids up to 40% of the heat that comes into your home through your windows and enjoy lower energy costs.
-Brightens and beautify your home with a clean, modern look that matches any decor we saved the best feature for last.
-Awesome child safe cord cleat option. Install the cord cleat with screws to the side of the blind, at a height out of reach of children.

EASY PEEL 'N STICK INSTALLATION The adjustable cordless pleated fabric window shade by Luxr Blinds is simple to install and completely customizable for any window size from 36"x 72" to 18"x72". Simply trim to fit and apply using adhesive liner: no tools are required, and there is no need for screws or fasteners. Out of the box and on the job in just minutes!

WE ARE PROUD TO BE AN AMAZON CUSTOM SHADE DEALER: If you would like to order a custom measurement for your Window, please feel free to contact our customer service dept at: 718-408-8882.

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