Redwood Mats Patio Mat 9′ X 12′ Beige Reversible Outdoor Rug Camping Rv Mat Indoor (With Ground Stakes & Carry Bag)

#1 Best RV Patio Mat on Amazon, Extremely High Quality and Great Value

*Includes 4 Ground Stakes and a New & Improved, High-Quality Carry Bag! This Outdoor Patio Mat acts as a great camping mat under tents, next to RV's and trailers, under dog pens, the beach, gardens, and so much more; you can use them for anything! This outdoor mat has a very unique design that mimics a pleasing carpet rug look without the added weight and bulk of a huge outdoor carpet! It is also treated with the best UV-stabilizer to hinder sun damage. This RV mat is easy to clean and dry, and it is also mold & mildew resistant.

Most other patio mats deteriorate quickly because they are not 100% virgin polypropylene material… Not ours! We pride in our mat being 100% virgin polypropylene which means there are no recycled materials in it. Other mats are not 100% virgin polypropylene therefore they do not last very long, forcing you to replace them frequently.

Ground Stakes Are A Must Have For Your RV Patio Mat

Staking your mat is essential when camping to keep your mat from lifting up off the ground in the wind. That why is we have included a pack of stakes with each mat so you no longer need to worry about this common occurrence with most patio mats. Each mat features nylon loops at each corner for easy staking.

Includes A Well-Crafted Carry & Storage Bag

The carry bag is lightweight, yet made of thick and durable material to prevent tearing. It makes transportation very easy so you don't find the mat unraveling in your hands while carrying it, saving yourself from the frustration.

Care Instructions: Hose off. *Mats will arrive in a folded fashion; creases will flatten over time. To help speed up the process of removing creases, we suggest wetting the mat completely, rolling tightly, and leaving to sit for 1-3 days.

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