Snoozer Full Body Pillow

Snoozer Dreamweaver – Microfiber Full Body Pillow

Snoozer Dreamweaver – Microfiber Full Body Pillow provides luxurious support for the entire body. It is designed specially to provide the comfort of three pillows in one. It is ideal for pregnant mothers, the elderly, athletes, arthritis patients, people with chronic back or neck pain and others. This pillow provides proper alignment to the spinal cord and maintains equal support for your hips and shoulders as you move from one sleeping position to another.

Why You'll Love It: Eliminate nightly tension and minimize pillow repositioning during pregnancy.

100% white European goose down pillow for ultimate comfortImprove your muscular relaxation, blood flow and sustained deep sleepProvides the support of three pillows in oneMinimizes pillow repositioningPromotes proper spinal alignmentReduces head, neck and back painAll fillers are hypoallergenic & washableWorks as an excellent nursing pillowLuxurious, 100% cotton pillowcase

Product Dimensions: 10 x 14 x 72 inches

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