STEELCAT Steel Honeycomb (CS-001) Catalytic Combustor (6″ diameter by 2″ wide) for DUTCHWEST wood stoves. Made in the USA by Condar, “The Combustor Experts.

For DUTCHWEST wood stoves. This catalytic combustor is a STEEL honeycomb coated with platinum and palladium. Advantages of choosing a steel combustor over ceramic are" (1) A more durable honeycomb. Can't crack or crumble, even at highest operating temperatures, (2) Less build-up of wood ash, within the honeycomb cells. Sharp steel edges actually "cut" ash as it goes up the flue. Better air flow, less cleaning maintenance, (3) Lower "light-off" temperature. Engage your draft bypass at 100 degrees lower temperature than with ceramic honeycomb, (4) Steel heats up faster than ceramic. Recovers more usable heat from wood smoke. A worthwhile extra expenditure for better performance. Strategically placed in the smoke path inside a wood stove, the catalytic combustor literally causes smoke to burn as fuel, creating more heat from less wood. That means a wood stove can be burned slowly, transforming most energy stored in a log to the room as heat, instead of to the outside air as pollution. Condar recommends replacing your stove's catalytic probe thermometer each time the combustor is replaced. Condar catalytic probe thermometers are available from Amazon. If a catalytic probe thermometer is not compatible with your stove Condar recommends a stove top thermometer, also available from Amazon. A note about gaskets: Combustors may, or may not, require a gasket to ensure a good fit inside the stove. This depends on the particular stove design. If you see a gap around the edge of your combustor, that doesn't mean it's necessary to fill it with gasket. Your combustor installation doesn't have to be airtight to achieve optimal operation. For your convenience, we have INCLUDED and INSTALLED a gasket with your combustor. CatGardTM gasket expands when heated in a hot woodstove, causing the gasket to swell. Once installed in the stove and heated, CatGard can expand permanently to twice its original thickness.

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