UMR 3ft Sensory Bubble Tower Lamp w/ Realistic Swimming Plastic Fish, 7-Color LED Cycle & Soothing Variable Bubble Stream in Large 90cm Tube: Perfect for Sensory Rooms, Bedrooms, Parties, or Office!

UMR is proud to introduce our new Sensory Bubble Tower Lamp! Standing at an impressive 3 feet, our high-quality aquarium fish lamps come with a modern silver-finish motor base, a tall plastic water bubble tube, and five plastic "swimming" fish. Simply fill the water bubble lamp with distilled water, insert the multi-colored fish, and turn the integrated bubble intensity knob to the desired setting! Our aqua bubble lamp's long-lasting LED lights cycle between gorgeous aqua, blue, green, purple, red, white, and yellow colors, while its tropical toy fish interact with the water currents in the bubble column in an incredibly lifelike way.

Save hundreds when building a sensory room. Because sensory equipment offered by special needs companies is highly overpriced, buying sensory bubble tubes for your child with autism, sensory processing disorder, or special needs can cost an arm and a leg. Instead, try our bubble tower lamps and achieve a similar effect at a fraction of the cost!

Mesmerize and relax your kids with no effort at all. Keep your child quietly occupied for hours as they track the fish swimming about the water bubble lamp. The soothing color-changing backdrop and peaceful motor hum and bubbling sound make it the ideal bedroom night light to put your kids right to sleep!

Dazzle and impress children and adults alike. These aquarium fish lamps demand the attention of anyone who walks into your home or office, quickly becoming the focal point at any room or party. A perfect piece for home decor, our multi-sensory fish floor lamps offer a very acceptable motor hum to not intrude on the household environment you are trying to maintain. Note: the fish start to "swim" only as they soak into the water, so it may take a few days to see the full effect.

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